Sofa wars

Sofa wars

This one is mainly for all the Boston-area readers.

Perhaps you know that Jordan’s Furniture has one of its mega-stores right on Route 128 in Reading. If you’re not from here, Jordan’s isn’t just a place to buy furniture, but they also have movie theaters—in this case, IMAX; a restaurant; an ice cream stand; and more. They turn furniture shopping into a family outing. They’re also the 800-pound gorilla of furniture in this area.

But the 750-pound gorilla, if you will, is Bernie & Phyl’s, a local company whose ads feature the very nasally and gravelly voices of the married couple who founded the stores, the eponymous Bernie and Phyl.

Well, right beside the highway in front of the Jordan’s in Reading is a fancy billboard, the kind that flips to show about four or five different ads. And this morning what do I see as one of those ads in front of Jordan’s?

An ad for Bernie & Phyl’s that simply says, “We’re the alternative.”

Who knew that buying a sofa would be so cutthroat?

P.S. I’m eternally grateful that at least Dean’s discount furniture is no more so that I no longer have to hear his deeply annoying ad tag line: “I dooooubt it.” (Imagine a thick Boston accent with the emphasis on the vowel. Brrrr.)

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli