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Raising the Betts #119: Betts in Exile

On this week’s episode, This is a special episode in which Dom explains that RTB will be on hiatus for a few weeks because of water damage and mold growth in their house, which has made it unlivable until it’s fixed. But the Betts will... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #117: Apple Season

On this week’s episode, is apple-picking season the best season? Dom and Melanie make the case, talk about their favorite orchard, then discuss some new recipes, including apple cider donut cake and ranch fried pork chops. Plus, they talk... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #116: Blue Skies

On this week’s episode, the best New England season is beginning and Dom and Melanie are ready for it, including starting with homeschooling, getting out in the great weather, cooking all the great produce. Plus they discuss a dark episode of... [Continue Reading]

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The Work Journal

or some time, I resisted the hot new trend of the Personal Knowledge apps that productivity bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters have been promoting. Why did I need yet another place to put information? I already had Evernote for web clippings and... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #115: Transitions

On this week’s episode, from summer to fall, it’s a time of transition and Dom and Melanie are experiencing some of them. From long-delayed Scouting promotions to their beloved pastor getting a new assignment to schooling starting up... [Continue Reading]