Raising the Betts #97: May We Sing?

This week, the Betts get outdoors to a beautiful, new wildlife area; try a new ribs recipe; Melanie watches more Marvel while Dom watches a Netflix doc on an art heist; and they discuss what seem like arbitrary and confusing rules about what you can... [Continue Reading]

Be Safe Selling Online

I occasionally sell old computer stuff on Facebook Marketplace, usually stuff that’s been replaced by newer upgraded equipment. Right now, I’m selling a network-attached storage device and it’s been on Marketplace for a few weeks... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #93: Vaccination Date

On this week’s episode, what’s more romantic than a date to get vaccinated? The Betts get their shots, celebrate two great saints with Irish and Italian meals, build a shed, go on a cleaning binge, and talk about looking death in the... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #092: I Thirst

On this week’s episode, halfway through Lent, the Betts see where they fall short and how Jesus reaches out to them; discuss how they assess books the kids want to read; and talk about a repertoire of recipes that use up leftovers.

Amazon is Cutting Itself Off at the Knees

It wasn’t that long ago that Amazon was threatening to take over nearly completely. Both independent and chain bookstores were closing rapidly and Main Street businesses were starting to feel the effects. Everything from books to DVDs to appliances... [Continue Reading]