Raising the Betts #134: Bear Good Fruit

On this week’s episode, with the current events, Dom and Melanie discuss how they’re talking to their kids about what’s happening, then talk about the Gospel call to bear good fruit and how one becomes Christian by being introduced to Jesus by... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #132: Winter and Spring

In this week’s episode, within 24 hours, Dom and Melanie get both winter and spring; discuss caring for an elderly parent; have a small rant about churches, signage, and being welcoming; make Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese recipes; and then... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #130: Blizzard Day

On this week’s episode, It’s not just a snow day, but a blizzard day! Dom and Melanie hunker down as an historic blizzard hits and do some cozy cooking of pho broth and a sous vide roast; talk about the art and science of snow moving; and... [Continue Reading]

My Grandfather’s Legacy: The Kiss

A few days ago, my family marked the 46th anniversary of my paternal grandfather’s death. I was very young when Bernardo Bettinelli died, and I only have one or two memories of him as an elderly, silent man who spoke very little English. I do... [Continue Reading]