My Podcasting Workflow: Distribution and Promotion

I’m sometimes asked about my podcasting workflow, how SQPN goes about recording, editing, distributing, and promoting our shows. This is the fifth in a series of posts that explain the multiple steps that take me from the beginning to the end of the process for each show we produce. The first post was about my hardware setup, the second was on research, prep, and organization, the third was how I record the shows, and the fourth was how I edit the audio.

Once the editing is complete, I have a single uncompressed WAV file of the show, which if it’s an hour-long show, could be about 1GB in size. Obviously, this is not ideal for a podcast. From here, we need to compress the audio into a distributable format, create the various pieces of artwork for the cover art, the web site, and social media; create an audio-only video for YouTube; post the episode to the website, which will then distribute the show to the various podcast directories; create and schedule a series of social media posts to promote the episode; and do all the organization cleanup and preparation for the next episode.

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Raising the Betts #51: Lots of Grilling

In this episode, the farmers market is open again and the Betts discuss how different is now (hint: drive-through), plus they made lots of great recipes on the grill (because the weather’s been so nice), and then Cardinal Seán’s homily on Jesus’ last two commands: Love one another and make disciples of all nations.

Raising the Betts #50: The JohnPauls

In this episode, the Betts had a parade for their nephew JohnPaul, who once embraced his namesake saint in Rome and has now become a US Army officer. Plus a daughter’s birthday, a Mother’s Day out, movies recommended and shows not recommended, and remembering to give a reason for your hope with gentleness.

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