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I Will Not Go Underground

Over the past 18 months since March 2020, my family and I have been neither anti-mask nor anti-vaccine. We have followed the general recommendations for keeping us safe from the coronavirus COVID-19: wearing masks in public before a vaccination... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #110: Crazy Critters

On this week’s episode, Dom and Melanie go critter crazy with unusual animals; make some new chicken and curry dishes; re-watch all the Loki-related MCU movies, as well as Quiet Place 2; discuss a good book about the Great Migration; and see... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts#108: By Georges Island

In this week’s episode: On a rainy day, the Betts visited the spooky and historic Georges Island in Boston Harbor. They also discover Looney Tunes as an incentive for the kids; remember the joy of bratwurst in beer; watch the campy but fun... [Continue Reading]