Mac Automation: Moving Projects to Archive

Every week, I edit about a dozen podcast episodes that include a whole bunch of big files. Once the show is posted and scheduled, those files can be moved to archival storage1, which in my case is a Synology DS418 network-attached drive2 that has about 10 terabytes capacity. This was never an onerous job, but just a little tedious because it involved opening the network share, dragging and dropping, then waiting for the large file transfer to finish in order to delete the original files. Of course, tedious, repetitive tasks as perfect for automation.

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iPad Shortcuts Automation: Kids iPad Timer

We have five kids and they have an iPad that they share. We want to limit the amount of time they’re each on the iPad when they get a turn and until now we’ve had an informal process of setting a timer with Alexa or on the microwave or mom or dad’s iPhone or Watch or on the iPad itself. This has sometimes resulted in less than satisfactory outcomes. Recently the number of times they’ve “forgotten” to set a timer has become a little frequent. And the necessity of having to police them has gotten a little much.

Now, if you’re familiar with iOS/iPad OS, you’re probably already saying, “That’s what Screen Time” is for.1 You’d think so, but there’s a flaw in Screen Time in that it only envisions on user per device. If we set a limit on how long, let’s say, game apps could be used, then once the 20 minutes is up, then no other children can have a turn today. so until Apple gives us multiuser support on iPads, we need to look elsewhere.

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