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Recipe: Buffalo Wings

I love buffalo wings. There’s no two ways about it. Yeah, I don’t mind the buffalo tenders and the buffalo chicken salads and sandwiches, but it’s the wings I really love. I’ve tried wings all across the great nation, every where I go, in search of... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #148: Flea Finds

On this week’s episode, Dom and Melanie introduce their older girls to the fun of flea markets; extol the virtue of brine and pickling juice as an ingredient in dishes; discuss the return of the Orville and the 2020 Emma film; and relate the... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #143: Taco Beans

On this week’s episode: What would a taco stand menu taste like in jelly bean form? Dom and Melanie find out and then discuss why this is wrong. Plus they make some great Asian recipes; watch Slow Horses and some new MCU; and discuss how Jesus... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #142: Confirmed!

On this week’s episode, learn why Dom called last week the “Porktave” of Easter and then hear about the Confirmation of Dom and Melanie’s oldest child; their reviews of the latest books, movies, and shows, including Avengers:... [Continue Reading]