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LEGO is the New Model Kit

When I was a kid, I liked to build model airplanes and other vehicles. I didn’t make lots and lots of them, but I do remember building an F-16 and some Navy warships from some Revell kits, popping the pieces out of the plastic connectors... [Continue Reading]

The Coming Social Media Censorship Backlash

Whatever you think about whether the most recent election was conducted fairly and above board (and I am less certain than many friends and family that something nefarious did happen), what is clear is that Big Tech is intent on making it clear that... [Continue Reading]

What Languages Sound Like

This is what languages sound like to the people who don’t speak those languages. What makes this effective is that he’s essentially speaking nonsense words, but the tone and melody and accent are what carry it.

Raising the Betts #075: Meet Isabella

On this week’s episode, while Melanie recovers from minor surgery, Dom welcomes their eldest daughter Isabella to the show to find out more about one of these Betts they’re raising, discussing her interests, books she’s reading... [Continue Reading]

Goodbye California

In this Facebook video, Ben Shapiro talks about why he’s leaving California, the state he was born in, lived in all his life, and loves as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Massachusetts isn’t that bad yet, but it’s... [Continue Reading]

The Reform Starts With Me

I have not downloaded or read the McCarrick Report. I have barely read any news reports about it. This is a big change for this blog. Fifteen years ago, I would have felt it my duty to read and comment on it as soon as it was available, letting all... [Continue Reading]

Soaking the Work-From-Homers

I’ve worked from home in various ways for over two decades, exclusively so from 1996 to 2007, a few days a week from 2016 to 2018, and then full-time again from 2018 and on. In all that time working from home I’ve been more productive... [Continue Reading]