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Looking Back on 2023

I wrote my first end-of-year retrospective 10 years ago, reflecting on what 2013 was like. Wow, have things changed in my life over that decade and going back to read over them is an amazing walk through my memories. While 2022 had some more... [Continue Reading]

Behold, the lowly microwave

It's no secret I love to cook and I'm a real gadget tech geek, so it's no surprise that I enjoy all the different kitchen appliances and gadgets. But there is one kitchen appliance that is probably in every single home that I admit I would not do... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #180: Remembering Mom

On this week's episode, Just a few months after losing his dad, Dom’s mom has died, so Dom and Melanie take time to remember her place in his life and his family’s lives, especially the gift of her faith. My remembrance of Mom that I read during the... [Continue Reading]