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Raising the Betts #99: Derby Day

On this week’s episode, the long-delayed Pinewood Derby is finally here, the farmers market is back, and the Betts fix all the broken things. Plus sourdough vs. levain; Star Wars books; a new British cop show; Dom finishes This Is A Robbery;... [Continue Reading]

locked gate

The Podcasting Flaw

Podcasts are great. As a full-time podcaster I believe in their power to democratize media and diversify the kinds of content we’re able to find. And as a Catholic podcaster, I love the ability to connect with a wide audience to share a faith... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #97: May We Sing?

This week, the Betts get outdoors to a beautiful, new wildlife area; try a new ribs recipe; Melanie watches more Marvel while Dom watches a Netflix doc on an art heist; and they discuss what seem like arbitrary and confusing rules about what you can... [Continue Reading]

Be Safe Selling Online

I occasionally sell old computer stuff on Facebook Marketplace, usually stuff that’s been replaced by newer upgraded equipment. Right now, I’m selling a network-attached storage device and it’s been on Marketplace for a few weeks... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #93: Vaccination Date

On this week’s episode, what’s more romantic than a date to get vaccinated? The Betts get their shots, celebrate two great saints with Irish and Italian meals, build a shed, go on a cleaning binge, and talk about looking death in the... [Continue Reading]