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Raising the Betts #66: Soup Season

In this week’s episode, Fall weather has come to New England and that means it’s soup season. Dom and Melanie Bettinelli talk about their favorite season, some new soup recipes, a pasta recipe from the Vatican, Melanie’s favorite...

Raising the Betts #63: Unbraced

This week, the Betts continue re-entry from vacation with appointments and school prep; free the first child from braces … finally; remember the first time they almost met; discuss the joy of having your wedding reception playlist; and talk about...

Raising the Betts #62: Lake Vacation

In this episode, the Betts have gone on a quarantined, socially distanced vacation to a beautiful lake house in Maine. They discuss getting away, the kids spending a week away from their usual distractions, celebrating their anniversary, cooking...