What Makes a Great Podcast

I’ve been listening to podcasts for a long time, since about the beginning in 2005. I’ve been making podcasts about half that time, since about 2013.1 I have listened to thousands of hours of all kinds of podcasts and created hundreds... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #66: Soup Season

In this week’s episode, Fall weather has come to New England and that means it’s soup season. Dom and Melanie Bettinelli talk about their favorite season, some new soup recipes, a pasta recipe from the Vatican, Melanie’s favorite... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #65: Feeding Our Kids

In this week’s episode, figuring how to overcome allergies and food aversions to make sure your kids eat healthy is a struggle for many parents. The Betts discuss the strategies they’ve employed over the years to feed their five children... [Continue Reading]