The Boston Sports Bumper

The Boston Sports Bumper

Green Monster at Fenway Park

A few years ago, Fr. Chip Hines and I did a podcast called The Fathers Show, where we got together, had a beer, and talked about sports, TV shows and movies, and about being a Catholic father (of both kinds). For the show, I made a bunch of bumpers–short mixes of music and sound clips that act as segues into different segments of the show.

I really enjoy the process of making soundtracks and bumpers and stingers for podcasts and videos, discovering the right music and sound clips and putting it all together. So one of the bumpers I made for the show was for a sports segment and, of course, it was all Boston sports and it was overlaid the classic Standells song “Dirty Water”.

Sadly, we no longer record The Fathers Show and I don’t have any place to use the bumper anymore, but I still enjoy occasionally playing it and getting a smile on my face and thought I’d share it with the world. Can you identify all the clips/people/games?

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  • Green Monster at Fenway Park: Own photo
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Domenico Bettinelli