watchOS 3 may finally get me to want an Apple Watch

watchOS 3 may finally get me to want an Apple Watch

On Monday, Apple revealed its plans for the next iteration of the Apple Watch software and it could change everything. To be clear, this was about the software running on the watch, not any new hardware, but it may be enough to change from a marginally useful gadget to an indispensable part of a workflow.

Jason Snell writes at Six Colors that Apple was perhaps too conservative in the first two iterations of the watchOS, obsessing about battery life to the detriment of usability. So now, they're taking advantage of the performance they left on the table to soup it up some. And then they're admitting where their original plans missed the mark and changing the device to suit how people have actually used it over the past (is it just?) one year.

The big downer for me was how long it took to do simple things. As far as I could see, it was often faster to take the phone from your pocket, unlock it, and launch an app than it was to do the same task on the Watch. Now, it should be instantaneous.

One of the big demos for me at Apple's presentation was the ability to lock and unlock your Mac with no passcode, as long as you're wearing your watch. Finally! Long and secure passwords for your Mac!

There are rumors of new Watch hardware around Christmas. If the promises bear out, the old hardware will seem like new hardware when the new OS drops sometime around September.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli