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Raising the Betts #44: Why Are You Afraid?

Since outdoor exercise has been deemed an essential activity, on the latest Raising the Betts, the Betts ventured out to enjoy some nesting herons and other birds. They’ve also spent part of Lent enjoying a virtual retreat with Boston’s Cardinal... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #43: What a Year This Week Has Been

On the latest episode of Raising the Betts: In the midst of this crisis, the Betts stop to ponder what positive effects on faith and culture can result from weeks or months of society-wide quarantine. They also discuss how the family is praying... [Continue Reading]

Raising the Betts #41: Down the Drain

On the latest episode of Raising the Betts, the Betts this week deal with a cascade of kitchen plumbing messes, including a new dishwasher, a falling sink, and new plumbing under the sink; enroll in Merit Badge U; race in the Pinewood Derby; review... [Continue Reading]

Campouts and Birdwatching – Raising the Betts #4

While Dom takes the boys on a Cub Scout camping trip to New Hampshire, Melanie goes to the farmer's market and then later takes all the kids to a bird-watching wildlife sanctuary. Plus Moon Oreos and Father's Day and livable neighborhoods.

Emergency – Raising the Betts #3

This week, Dom and Melanie recount yet another emergency room adventure, get your taste buds revved with what they're been cooking (and grilling), revisit Brideshead, and talk about the art of Biblical translation.

Skip College, Go to Trade School

[lead dropcap="yes"]I’ve been beating this drum for years. More young people should consider skipping college, learn a trade, and start life without a crushing burden of debt for a degree you never needed. The Wall Street Journal has now noticed a... [Continue Reading]

Talking about Stranger Things

I've done a new podcast with Fr. Roderick Vonhogen where we analyze the first season of Stranger Things. Listen online or download from Trideo. Or subscribe to the podcast series Moves, Games, and TV Secrets in your podcatcher software.


[lead dropcap="yes"]This article discusses Apple’s manufacturing process for nearly all of its products, machining aluminum at a scale unlike any other company in the world. It is a fascinating discussion of Apple’s fanatical attention to detail and... [Continue Reading]

I Welcome Our Robot Snowblower Overlords

Meet Kobi, the Roomba for lawn-mowing, leaf-mulching, and most importantly, snow-blowing. This $4,000 robot can not only blow snow autonomously, as in I sit in the warm house while it does the dirty work, but it can monitor the weather forecast and... [Continue Reading]