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What Kerry Meant To Say and What He Did Say

Sec. of State John Kerry visiting Bangladesh was speaking about the latest spate of terrorist violence. Remember this: No country is immune from terrorism. It's easy to terrorize. Government and law enforcement have to be correct 24 hours a day, 7... [Continue Reading]

Rotisserie v. Home-cooked Chicken

There are several rules for smart shopping at the grocery store, but one is to pay attention to the price per pound. Consumers are often tricked into thinking they’re getting a deal when they’re comparing two items that seem the same, but are... [Continue Reading]

Bedside Manner

Does kindness in healthcare matter? Figuring out whether it makes a measurable difference in medical outcomes is difficult, but more than four decades of exposure to the healthcare system, including five surgical childbirths and a miscarriage for... [Continue Reading]

Make Sure You’re Getting Real Olive Oil

The sad fact is that most imported olive oil sold in the US is fake, mostly because of the mob getting involved and peddling substandard oils in order to boost their illicit profits. This Mother Jones article points out that it’s not just consumer... [Continue Reading]

Modernizing Marriage

Time magazine’s “gender and sexuality” columnist Stephanie Fairyington thinks it’s a shame how technology has simultaneously made it easier for unfaithful spouses to find opportunities to cheat while making it easier for the jilted spouse to find... [Continue Reading]

Hacking the Front Door

I’ve been getting deeper into the Internet of Things or smarthome recently with connected lightbulbs and doorknobs and I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a connected door lock. The advantage is being able to get in the house if I leave my... [Continue Reading]

Why Can’t We Let Go?

The Verge asks why we have such a hard time letting go of our pop culture, demanding that each beloved book, movie or TV series continue in a new form, never letting the characters go: The problem isn’t simply that we’re getting more of something we... [Continue Reading]

Smart TVs are a dumb idea

Technology should either make complicated things simpler to use or, if they must be more complicated, give you new features that you need. That's where the current generation of smart TVs fail, and Walt Mossberg agrees. But learning to use the TV is... [Continue Reading]

The art of the out-of-office reply

You never know when some pedestrian piece of writing is going to go viral. Sometimes it's benign like this ambitious out-of-office autoreply. Hopefully it's not a career-ending tweet. But in this case, a Dallas News editor's attempt to create a... [Continue Reading]