VOTF Losing Faith In O’Malley

VOTF Losing Faith In O’Malley

Voice of the Faithful says it is losing faith in Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston, which you should know by now is good news. What they say is that they had hoped for more changes from O’Malley, that he would give “a greater voice to the laity” and they believe he hasn’t.

The cardinal has appointed members of VOTF and critics of Church teaching (e.g. David Castaldi and Peter Meade) to important posts in the archdiocese. On the other hand, he has also supported orthodox lay efforts including the Boston Catholic Men’s and Women’s Conferences and the Proud2BCatholic.com Family Music Festival. What more do they want?

Of course, we know what they want. They want to “change the Church,” by which they mean they want power and control. They want to change the Church’s teachings. They want to stop the archdiocese from being a pre-eminent voice in Massachusetts against gay marriage. They want to stop the archdiocese from interfering in Catholic Charities’ efforts at social engineering through placing adopted children with gay couples.

Some Boston area Catholics believe the church is so out of touch with parishioners it has to make big changes. “I always thought that priests would be more understanding to families if they are allowed to marry themselves,” one man told us. “I think their ideas particularly about gay adoption, things like that, are completely antiquated,” said another woman. And according to our exclusive Fast Track of more than 500 Catholics, 60 percent said the church should become more liberal.

It’s not the Church that is out of touch with the people; it is the people that are out of touch with the Gospel. Do they think that their ideas are new and modern? No, since her birth people have been clamoring for the Church to falsely claim that sin is virtue and to renounce the Truth that Jesus Christ handed on to the Apostles.

What people don’t realize is that the Church doesn’t change, not her teachings anyway. She has always remained rock-solid despite the shifting winds of fashion and trend. The Holy Spirit doesn’t take polls.

So, Cardinal O’Malley has proven that he’s not a VOTF-approved mouthpiece for heterodoxy. Good for him. Meanwhile, we wait as VOTF moves ever further into irrelevancy and slowly morphs back into the organization that gave it birth, Call to Action.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli