The most-revealing and coolest Internet quiz ever

The most-revealing and coolest Internet quiz ever

Here’s the coolest Internet quiz ever! Well, it’s cool because I made it up. I’d been reading a story about the United Nations and the name of the latest Secretary-General came up. It was yet another odd-sounding moniker and I wondered if they picked the next guy for the office based on the strangest name.

I looked back of the historical list of Secretaries-General and realized that only two of the eight had what might be considered a “normal” name. And Yes, by normal I mean according to the standards of an English-speaking, native-born American. Of course, their names aren’t weird to people in their countries of origin.

But you have to admit that they sound awfully similar to names George Lucas might have made up for his Star Wars movies. Thus was born UN Secretary General or Star Wars character?: The Quiz.

Take it and see how you do. All you smarty-pants can brag in the comments. Everyone else can post sheepishly. Don’t worry; we won’t laugh and point.

  • 82% here, and I cannot say how I got that, since most were guesses.

    Don’t tell my customers. If you do, they will start calling me a “tool” again.

  • I’m not sure if I’m bragging or hanging my head in shame.  I got 100%.  Nice to know all my useless Star Wars knowledge was there for me when I needed it.

  • Oh, I don’t know which I am more ashamed of- my lack of knowledge about the UN or Star Wars (my husband is quite a fan (of Star Wars, not the UN:) you’d think some of his enthusiasm would have rubbed off on me).  I scored 45%!

  • Great quiz!  grin

    The only one I missed was Gladwyn Jebb, but I got somewhat lucky with three or four correct answers that were just educated guesses.

  • I can’t attribute my 91% to vast knowledge of either Star Wars or the UN.  It must be that due to wide reading I am familiar with naming patterns in both the real world and fantasy stories.