Babysitting 1.0

Babysitting 1.0

A new dad who happens to be a software engineer leaves hilariously detailed instructions for the babysitter of his newborn son:

"Hey, this is a quick primer on dealing with an infant. Hope it's useful for you.

  • He gets a bottle every 2 hours (today, he started at 9:30a)
    • 3 oz, warmed to blood temperature in microwave in mug of water
      • In your Microwave, this proved to take about 30 sec
    • During feeding, Wiggle the nipple gently until you can tell he's getting suction
    • The vent will be dry
    • You'll see bubbles rising to the formula's surface inside the bottle as air enters via the vent
  • In case of crying
    1. Is his diaper dirty?
      • Simple test is if the front feels swollen; if so, he's peed at least.
      • Poop will have a distinct smell; carefully open the back and look for signs
        • He poops every other day, so it probably won't be an issue
      • See [Skills/Changing a Diaper]"

And so on ...