The Sorting Hat into Religious Orders

The Sorting Hat into Religious Orders

The Sorting Hat Chats • “The Basics”

This Harry Potter fan site puts forward a theory for what the four different houses of Hogwarts signify about the people in them and their motivations, which is interesting.

Gryffindor Primaries trust their moral intuitions and have a need and a drive to live by them. They feel what’s right in their gut, and that matters and guides them. If they don’t listen to and act on that, it feels immoral….

Ravenclaw Primaries have a constructed system that they test their decisions against before they feel comfortable calling something right….

Hufflepuff Primaries value people–all people. They value community, they bond to groups (rather than solely individuals), and they make their decisions off of who is in the most need and who is the most vulnerable and who they can help….

Slytherin Primaries are fiercely loyal to the people they care for most. Slytherin is the place where “you’ll make your real friends”– they prioritize individual loyalties and find their moral core in protecting and caring for the people they are closest to….

As Melanie and I were discussing this and whether it’s justified from the text, I speculated on which Catholic religious orders aligned with each house and it was a surprisingly quick decision:

  • Gryffindor is Carmelite
  • Ravenclaw is Dominican
  • Hufflepuff is Franciscan

And Slytherin? Oh, that’s easy: Slytherin is Jesuit.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli