Men’s conference coverage in the Boston papers

Men’s conference coverage in the Boston papers

In contrast to last year’s sensationalist coverage of the Boston Catholic Men’s Conference in the Boston Herald, this year the paper did next to nothing. This is the entirety of their coverage:

Identical twins Rev. Roger Landry and Scot Landry of Lowell gave a joint keynote address titled ‘‘Our Vocation as Catholic Men in the Church’’ at yesterday’s third annual Boston Catholic Men’s Conference at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in South Boston.
Roger is pastor of Saint Anthony of Padua Parish in New Bedford. Scot recently joined the Archdiocese of Boston as secretary for advancement and chief development officer.

Now, Scot is an important guy in all this as one of the founders and the chief organizer of the event, but in fact this tiny tidbit says nothing about the conference. It almost completely ignores it. Apparently, the message is that unless there’s something shocking and seemingly misogynistic that they can play up on the front page, they don’t care.

Contrast that with the Boston Globe’s coverage in a story headlined “Hunger for faith draws many to Boston event.” It’s actually a pretty good article, not much in the way of “gotchas,” no contrasting views for “balance” from dissidents, and no gratuitous mention of controversies unrelated to the event. And the various quotes from attendees were good too.

Good quotes

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  • Actually, I almost fell off my chair while reading the Globe’s positive story. It even began on the first page of the edition I had. But I wonder if things would have been different if even one or two VOTF pickets had shown up. I didn’t see any.
      And who built that leaking faucet of a roof. It must have been constructed by the same rip-off artists who swindled the tax-payers on the Big Dig.