McBrien on Menino and bloggers

McBrien on Menino and bloggers

Fr. Richard “Where’s my collar” McBrien channels the National Catholic Reporter, Eileen McNamara, Teresa Heinz Kerry, et al. (Seriously do any of these people have an original thought?) Every one of them even uses Carol McKinley as the convenient crank with which to tar and feather all of the reasonable people who had objections to the Boston Catholic Charities mess.

I would give a detailed response to the column, but Amy Welborn fisks him so ably, including his criticisms of blogging, that I defer to her.

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  • First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they attack you. When they attack you, you have one. McBrien, one of the key influences to VOTF by the way, has revealed through that column that bloggers have taken a bite out of his influence and he is not happy.

  • The visiting Priest this Sunday at Church of Our Saviour in NYC made the Mennino thing one of the keys of his Homily at 7:30 Mass. I made sure to compliment him.