Liveblogging: Theology of the Body seminar with Christopher West, Part I

Liveblogging: Theology of the Body seminar with Christopher West, Part I

Today I am liveblogging from a seminar on the Theology of the Body by Christopher West at the Marian Community Center in Medway, Mass. It’s a day-long series of talks sponsored by the Archdiocese of Boston and given impetus by Cardinal Sean O’Malley. More than 60 priests and bishops of the archdiocese heard him speak yesterday and Cardinal O’Malley said that this is exactly what we need in this archdiocese. Seventeen ministries of the archdiocese and independent ones are organizing future activities related to the Theology of the Body.

This will be a kind of stream-of-consciousness blogging so bear that in mind as we go. Melanie and Isabella are here too so I may have to get up and chase Bella down. (At the end of the first talk: She’s doing very well, not disruptive at all.)

The talks are being held in the center’s chapel, a beautiful open and airy space.

A lot of people say that they are being exposed to the Theology of the Body for the first time today. There’s about a couple hundred people attending.

This is an introduction to the theology, which would take years to study, not a day.

Crises in the Church are nothing new, and when such crises come, the Holy Spirit raises up a a response in the CHurch. In our day, the crisis is one of human sexuality and nearly all societal problems trace back to sexuality.

Begin with prayer because this is not just about the intellect. It is meant to be transformational.

First talk: The Theology of the body was a biblical reflection on the meaning of our human embodiment, particularly the meaning of being created male and female. It’s not just about sex, but about the ultimate meaning of life.

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