Herald editor explains coverage of Men’s Conference

Herald editor explains coverage of Men’s Conference

Eric Convey, the senior executive city editor for the Boston Herald, saw my earlier blog post about what I see as slanted and unfair coverage of the Boston Catholic Men’s Conference on Saturday and offered an explanation:

I saw your blog postings and wanted to tell you what happened Saturday. The explanation is not very sinister.

I’d been planning to attend and slip into reporter mode, but had the chance to grab a week with my family—a rarity, unfortunately. So I did so. (I suspect the speakers would have applauded this!)

I left instructions with the city desk to cover it if possible. So when things slowed, Marie Szaniszlo was dispatched. She’s a very decent person and a good reporter.

(The city editor on duty told me he actually had thought it would be a short story about what he expected would be a rather bland event but one which we should cover out of overall fairness.)

As I understand it, she covered the speaker who was on when, or shortly after, she arrived. I wish it had been any of the big names, if you will. Bad luck, but no evil plan.

By the way, MaryJane, thanks for the compliment about my coverage. I do try to be balanced. I’m glad it shows.

My reply follows after the jump…

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