Christ Speaks in the City

Christ Speaks in the City

The Vocations office of the Boston Archdiocese is continuing its Christ Speaks in the City series this Wednesday with a talk by Fr. Darin Colarusso, entitled “Drawn by Truth: How the Search for Adventure led me to Christ.”

I met Fr. Colarusso a few years ago when he was a seminarian living at my parish for the summer. He was ordained this past May. He is a former US Air Force aviator, a navigator in F-15E Strike Eagles, I believe, for 12 years. From our previous conversations I’m sure this will be an interesting talk.

The talk will take place at Old State House, 206 Washington St., Boston from noon-1 pm. A light lunch will be provided. It is free to the public.

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  • I’ve met Fr. Colarusso also, and he’s an engaging and orthodox priest.

    I wonder, however, how he will hold up under the stress of this event, and how the public will be able to manage.  Even with my gift of gab, I don’t think I could fill 13 hours with a talk about my adventures; nor would I expect the public to be able to maintain focus if they were only provided a light lunch …..

    <tongue firmly in cheek>