Cardinal O’Malley to meet with Voice of the Faithful

Cardinal O’Malley to meet with Voice of the Faithful

Cardinal Sean O’Malley will meet with leaders of Voice of the Faithful next week. Before we deal with the actual meeting, let’s look at the article itself. In it, the reporter refer to VOTF as “the lay reform group that has energized a group of active churchgoers” while those who say that VOTF is just another heterodox group are said to be “some conservatives” and we are accused of “demonizing” them, a word that bears the connotation of a false accusation.

While VOTF is characterizing the meeting as symbolically significant, and they say they hope it will mean official acceptance, including an end to the ban on their meeting on church property, Cardinal O’Malley is simply reaching out to a group of Catholics. He sees them as earnest people, if misguided, and wants to bring them into the fold. Unfortunately, the way this is being played in the media, it looks—and could look even more after the meeting—like an official change of heart and endorsement.

In case, anyone at the chancery has forgotten, could someone forward to the cardinal’s office copies of the following:

The reality is that Voice of the Faithful has shown time and again, despite its protestations to the contrary that at its heart it is a group of people pushing heterodoxy in the Church, and while some well-meaning people may have been taken in by its stated mission to stop the abuse of kids, it has moved well beyond that original aim and become just another heterodox group of dissidents along the lines of Call to Action and Future Church and the like.

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Domenico Bettinelli