At the Boston Men’s Conference

At the Boston Men’s Conference

I’m liveblogging from the Boston Catholic Men’s Conference at the Boston Convention Center today. The talks have already begun, but I’m sitting at the registration desk at the moment. A bunch of guys have come up to introduce themselves as blog readers. I’m always glad to meet you all and it’s nice reminder that it’s not just me and the dozen or so regular commenters.

The weather has been real challenge, but it’s only affected one of the speakers. Patrick Madrid couldn’t get here because of a canceled flight. And while it looks like a substantial number of attendees are snowed in, it’s really great to see that a lot of guys got up early and on the road to be here.

The first talk was given by Andreas Widmer, substituting for the absent Patrick Madrid. Andreas is on the organizing team for the conference, but he’s also a former Swiss Guard who has some amazing stories to tell about Pope John Paul and an understanding of the late Pope based on a personal understanding of the man.

Martin Doman is also here providing music for the conference, which is great.

Right now a talk is being given by Scot Landry, one of the conference organizers, and his twin brother, Fr. Roger Landry, who is a priest in the Fall River diocese and editor of the diocesan newspaper there. I hope to provide some updates through the day as well.

  • I’d definitely appreciate any highlights by Fr. Landry. A few years ago he wrote an excellent article for catholicanswers in response to the Priest abuse scandal. At a time when I was struggling for answers to give to friends and family who were growing ever more disillusioned with the Church, his article was able to give some good ones.

  • Fr Rog and Scott are long time friends from childhood. Both are so full of zeal and love for the Church. I bet if you close your eyes while they talk you won’t be able to tell who’s speaking! grin
    Glad to hear that the snow didn’t prevent too many for coming.
    Reminder to Scott: don’t plan Conference for St. Paddy’s day weekend as it almost ALWAYS snows!

  • Dear Dom,

    So glad things are looking up at home.  I hope you are enjoying the conference.  Should you get this note, please say hello to Dan at the Catholic Shop.  You can say Jackie said hello.  Just to mess with his mind!!  Ever so much fun.

    Also – he has a GREAT book selection as well as cool T shirts.

    Have a great time.

  • I’m sorry about the weather conditions for the men, but the Catholic Women’s Conference was great! (I wish Immaculee could have spoken to the men, actually). One of the highlights, for me, was to see Cardinal Sean holding hands unabashedly with a body of a few thousand women as we sang prayerfully. There aren’t many men who could do that. As I’ve been saying all day, “Today, Cardinal O’Malley is da MAN!”
    Many thanks and God’s blessings to all who made today possible!