Your name in headlines

Your name in headlines

Here’s quick and fun meme (which is the only reason I’m doing it): Go to Amazon, click on Books, and then advanced search and type your first name in the title field. Choose the most interesting or amusing title.

I chose two:

  • “Domenico Dragonetti in England (1794-1846): The Career of a Double Bass Virtuoso”
  • “Domenico Scandella Known As Menocchio: His Trials Before the Inquisition (1583-1599)”

That first one is uncanny! smile

Frankly, I was just surprised to find even one book with my name in the title.

[Tips to the Llama Butchers.]
  • My favorites are:
    Even Steven and Odd Todd
    Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
    The Odd Todd Handbook: Hard Times, Soft Couch

  • That was fun! I tried Deacon John first and up came “Deacons are a bridge between the past and present”. That’s me, always wishing for the good old days but forced to live today.
    Then I put just John and came up with over 1 million books. The first two I liked was “Dear John” which I have gotten a few over the years and finally “John has to die!” which I sort of like as I’m 70 and looking forward to the next life which is coming up soon!

  • I am pleased to say my results had the New Testament making a strong showing in the top ten. Then again, fellows named Mark, Luke or John would have similar luck I imagine.

  • Ok, I thought this might be fun, but it took until entry #149 to find a book with my name in the TITLE, and not as an author’s first name!!!

    “Little Lori goes to Times Square,” by Maurice Sendak…sounded good, until the synopsis explained that “Lori” is a BOY!!!

    Another 100 entries (seriously) and we get “Lori” by Robert Bloch (author of Psycho)…not too bad, actually looked interesting from the synopsis.

    But the best one (#262) “Bert and Lori— Autobiography of a Crossdresser” (Lori is what his wife calls him when he’s dolled up in all her stuff)—Yikes!