You never heard of Caller ID?

You never heard of Caller ID?

Okay, this is for anyone who works in law enforcement or has in-depth knowledge of the telephone system. Is it really so hard for the police to trace a land-line phone call?

I have the same question every time I watch a TV show or movie, a bad guy calls the cops, and they need at least 2 or 4 or 10 minutes or something to trace the call. The bad guy always hangs up just before they made the trace. Why is it so hard?

See, on my phone, I have this wonderful invention called Caller ID? I know who’s calling even before I pick up the phone. Granted it’s not perfect, but my guess is that the police could get something better, like maybe a Police Caller ID. Failing that, doesn’t the phone company keep track of every phone call? I mean don’t they know from whom and to whom they’re routing the call?

So what’s the deal? Is this just a dramatic device left over from the technological dark ages or is there a real reason why law enforcement can’t do what my $10 Wal-Mart cordless phone can do?

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli