Why is Hollywood liberal?

Why is Hollywood liberal?

Melanie and I were watching the movie “Runaway Jury” the other day and discussing the plot, which revolves around evil firearms companies that purposefully sell their evil product to evil criminals to wreak havoc on innocents and people should sue the evil firearms companies because they’re responsible for what evil criminals do with their product. (Tangent: So I guess we should sue Ford when someone drinks and drives; just wait, someone’s going to try it.)

We got to talking about the liberalism rampant in Hollywood and Melanie asked a good question: How did Hollywood become so liberal? In other words, why are liberals in control of the media and not conservatives? Why are so many actors, producers, directors, studio executives, and so on so liberal? Is there something inherent in broadcast entertainment that attracts liberalism? Was there a sociological event decades ago that brought liberals to power in Hollywood and not conservatives?

I’m sure someone must have answered that question somewhere at some time.

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