What movie is this song from?

What movie is this song from?

I saw this little video on YouTube, which was cute enough, but what’s bugging me is where I’ve heard that tune before. Yes, it is “Karl Orff: 4 Stücke für Xylophon - Musik für Kinder III, No. 15” and I know that it has been featured in the soundtracks for the 1973 Terrence Malick film “The Badlands” as well as “True Romance” and “Finding Forrester.” And, yes, I’ve seen those latter two films, but neither is the one I’m trying to remember.

Anyone have any idea what movie we’re trying to recall? (Melanie is having the same recall issue I am.) Much obliged, although I’ll probably wake up in the middle night with the answer.

  • Let’s see. It was used in a 1999 indie film called Ratcatcher, but that’s kind of obscure. It was in an episode of Eastenders during a wedding scene. A reworked variation of it was used in Just Married, that Ashton Kutcher movie. And may God have mercy on their souls, it showed up in a VW Golf commercial.

    Any of those help?

  • I’m thinking it was a commercial on television, but don’t recall for what product or service.

  • Was it possibly used in Joe Versus the Volcano? For some reason that popped to mind just now.

  • It clearly inspired the distinctive score for American Beauty – I just watched parts of it on cable tonight for this very reason because that’s where I placed it – but it’s not the same. Anyway, Dom never saw that.

  • Liam,

    Thanks for confirming that there is a similarity with the American Beauty score. Though it’s been a long time since I saw the film, it was one that kept popping to mind as I racked my brain on this question, though I was pretty sure it didn’t use exactly that piece of music. On with the search….