Weekend at the bitter ex-priest’s

Weekend at the bitter ex-priest’s

James Carroll, bitter ex-priest and liberal Catholic, writes his regular column for the Boston Globe in which he offers his usual pabulum, this time on the Regensburg address, in which the Pope and the Church are always wrong and the poor, misunderstood Muslims are always right. 

Thankfully, Dale Price has done one of his complete effective line-by-line fiskings of Carroll’s inanities—called “Weekend at Bashir’s”—and so I don’t have to do the work of de-constructing it myself. All I have to do is point you to Dale’s blog and tell you to enjoy because not only is it accurate, it is quite funny. A brief excerpt:

And, for the record, please do show us precisely what is false about it, O Columnist? Sura 9:5 seems…free of nuance. Any possible flaws in Islam? No? Good dhimmi! Your jizya will be extracted with minimal head-swatting.

So long as it’s paid on time, of course.

President Bush famously used the word ``crusade,” then backed away from it. But playing by bin Laden’s script, Bush launched a catastrophic war that has become a crusade in all but name.

Bush Derangement Syndrome in full-flower. If Carroll was assigned to write a column on continental drift, he’d manage to work in a reference to Chimpy W. McHitlerburton.

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