Traditionalists are hopeful

Traditionalists are hopeful

Rorate Caeli translates a Radio-France interview with Bishop Bernard Fellay, head of the breakaway traditionalist Society of St. Pius X in which he gives reason to think that progress will be made toward reconciliation.

Where is your dialogue with Rome after August 29, date of your meeting with Benedict XVI?

Bernard Fellay: It continues slowly. In fact, it takes time to overcome the reciprocal mistrust. But I am convinced, from my part, that we will reach a conclusion.

He also addresses the issue of religious liberty as formulated by Vatican II and believes that Benedict opens up a discussion on the point. Fellay also believes that a special canonical status will be granted the SSPX.

What will be the [canonical] status which Rome could grant you?

B.F.: That of an Apostolic Administration. Regarding the authority of the bishop, we would have a regime of exemption, as it is the case in the diocese of Campos, Brazil. Rome would allow the faithful of the Fraternity Saint Pius X to enjoy the benefit of a parallel authority, but still under the local bishop.

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