Times of London misrepresents pro-lifers on stem cells

Times of London misrepresents pro-lifers on stem cells

The Times of London profiles a new venture by Sir Richard Branson in umbilical cord-blood stem-cell storage, the kind that does not come from killing unborn children. Yet, The Times finds a way to make pro-lifers the bad guys here.

Some anti-abortion groups believe that any use of stem cells will lead to human cloning.

Huh, wuh? Since when? In fact, nearly all pro-lifers (who knows maybe there are few who don’t) support the use of adult stem cells and cord-blood stem cells to develop treatments and cures for many ailments as an alternative to using embryonic stem cells, which are harvested by the killing of unborn children. And p.ro-lifers do oppose human cloning, but stem cells and cloning are two separate issues.

This is stem-cell libel of the most pandering liberal sort.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli