The walls of “Jericho” came tumbling down

The walls of “Jericho” came tumbling down

Dang it! Those Hollywood suits have gone and cancelled one of the few shows worth watching on network TV. I liked “Jericho” for, among other things, the amazing relationship between the family patriarch and his wife and how it showed how a good father can struggle to relate to his grown children. It was one of the few positive father-figures on TV (except they killed him off in the season finale—which I suppose I should call the series finale).

I wonder if I asked really nicely, whether Karen could get some of the secrets of “Jericho” from her producer friends. Ehh? Eh?

There are so many unanswered questions: What happens to the town without the leadership of Johnston Green? Is it really the “US” Army coming to liberate the town? Who is really behind the plot to nuke 24 American cities? Will Jericho repulse the invasion by the neighboring town? Now we may never know.

I hate this about long-term episodic television: You commit to a story being told and it might be cancelled before you ever get your answers.

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