The VOTF-O’Malley meeting agenda

The VOTF-O’Malley meeting agenda

One of Kelly Clark’s sources inside the Boston chancery has smuggled out the agenda for Cardinal Sean O’Malley’s meeting with Voice of the Faithful. I’ll give you the first few items on the list, but you’ll have to go to Kelly’s blog to read the rest:

The Top Ten Items on the VOTF/Cardinal O’Malley Historic (or hysteric) August 4, 2006 Meeting Agenda!

# 10) Ceremonial greetings to all VOTF members working at the chancery

# 9) Close chancery since most employees will be at VOTF meeting anyway

# 8) Can we change the “protect us from the devil” phrase in the “Saint Michael” prayer to “protect us from Mel Gibson”?

# 7) Discuss name change from “Voice of the Faithful” to “Voices of the Thoughtful” to reflect diversity and inclusiveness ...

For the satire impaired, she’s joking.

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