The resurgence of Catholic radio

The resurgence of Catholic radio

An article in USA Today highlights the new impetus behind Catholic radio in the US. Coincidentally, part of the cover story for the January Catholic World Report is about Catholic radio, its past, present, and future, as well EWTN’s 25th anniversary, Raymond Arroyo’s new book on Mother Angelica, Catholic podcasting, and Spanish Catholic radio.

Anyway, the USA Today article quotes and includes a photo of an old friend from Steubenville, John Lillis, who now works as a consultant to people setting up Catholic radio stations. Funny story: John directed and I wrote a script for a sitcom about 5 guys who go back to school to study theology at a midwestern Catholic college. (Yeah, they say write what you know. It was fun to do and fairly easy to write since I basically did caricatures of the funny and amazing people I already knew.)

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Domenico Bettinelli