The game changer

The game changer

If you haven’t seen the season finale of “Lost” then skip past this post and don’t read the other side of the jump.

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  • You missed the most important question! When Jack tells the other doctor “Go upstairs and ask my father….” the doctor didn’t react like Jack was delusional. Therefore, in the future, Jack’s father is alive. (No bragging, but I called the flash forward too.  The reason was that we had never seen Jack like this—bearded, stoned—in any other flashback, so it had to be the future. Locke or Ben is in the coffin.)

  • HA! I knew you’d blog on Lost tonight!

    I thought it was great – but sad to see what a wreck Jack has become.

    Believe the casket contained John Locke’s body because… DVR baby!! I freeze framed when Jack looked at the newspaper clipping in his car outside of the funeral parlour and I could make out ‘the body of Jo   was found’ (there was a fold after the Jo so you couldn’t see more.

    Charlie… a few of his last words were ‘so much for fate’ and then he was drawn back into the room to receive Penny’s call. Remember in season one when he carved FATE onto his knuckles. I think he decided that drowning in that room was his fate – his sacrifice for his friends.

    The Razr phone kind of gave the plot away – those are too new – Jack wouldn’t have had that before the crash – but I still didn’t really get it and was stunned when Kate got out of the car at the end. I’m thinking she’s with Sawyer from what she said—- no name mentioned as if Jack knew who the’he’ she refered to was.

    Rousseau and Alex… in season 1 didn’t Rousseau (great backhander she gave Ben at the end) say that her husband was killed? I’ve always thought that her husband was the father of Alex and of course, Alex was conceived off island.

    I just love Lost. Sometimes it meanders and I think they have no idea where they are going with it but sooner or later they fire off some great episodes (like the last three) and it all ties in. Sort of.

    Oh, and what was with the blue plastic Rosary Beads on the rearview mirror of the VW? Hurley must have put them there as there is no way they were put there by the Dharma people – plus I don’t remember seeing them when we first saw the VW last season.

    Next episode in February… eight long months!

  • I’m pretty sure Rosseau mentioned early on this the series that she was pregnant when she was ship wreaked and her husband was killed (by the Others?).

    Also, there were a couple of references Jack made about his father “in the future” that indicated he was alive (when he said, “Go get y father from up stairs, if I’m drunker than he is, you can fire me” and when he tried to refill the prescription)…not sure what that was about.

    And, I’m with you on Charlie’s apparent death…

  • Let me preface my comments by saying I stupidly read a spoiler online about the finale and it was dead on. So while I was watching I knew that Jack was having flash-forwards. I initially thought that the comments that Jack made about his father were to throw people off into thinking it was in the past. But having thought about the comments more, that doesn’t seem to make sense.

    Of course like Claire, Danielle was pregnant before coming to the island, so her baby was OK.

    I agree that Charlie knew he was supposed to die or they would not get rescued, so he sacrificed himself. Did anyone else notice that he crossed himself the Orthodox way? I thought he was Catholic??

    I think Penny and her father are both looking for Desmond separately. Penny to save him, her father to make sure he never returns.

    I thought the temple reference was interesting too. That adds a whole new dimension to what is going on.

    It will be hard to wait.

  • I don’t think he crossed himself the Orthodox way, I think he crossed himself with his left hand instead of the right.

  • SO didn’t know it was a flash forward. I LOVE this idea. It will help me wait til Jan.

    I’m with Colleen. I think it’s Locke too, but a guy in my office (who is usually right about these things) thinks it is Michael, due to the neighborhood, that Jack didn’t consider Michael friend or family, and that Walt has a special connection to the island as well.

    I knew that John wasn’t dead. He has more to go.Locke doesn’t want to get off the island. He will have to be forced off. He got healed on the island, and the island is his BIG adventure.

    Kate and Jack encounter “Him” has to be Sawyer. WHo else would Kate be worried about her meeting Jack?

    Tho I’m sad that Charlie died, I think he had to.

    What I like about LOST is that is reminds me of Tolkein. The show is not about the island, it is about the journey of each of these people. I think Charlie had to die because his life was filled with self-centered behavior and this was the one thing he could do to save his friends. In this crisis we were provided a savior.

    I think it is of no small coincidence how many faith and Catholic references there are in this show. There are many times that I wished I’d recorded the show so that I could use it in a lesson for Catechesis. It’s all about the journey and how we handle ourselves, how our past affects us and the choices that we make.

    Oh and Walt: That is the smoke appearing as Walt. “Smokey” has shown up as a horse for Kate, and as other things for other people, things from their past. I think the Island really does have a mystery to it and Jacob and the smoke are a part of it. I think Ben doesn’t want to be rescued because he is there to investigate the powers of the Island. To me his role is like that of Satan because he is the Master Manipulator. He takes truth and gives is a twist just enough to now know what the truth is.

    I love Lost. This is so great. I love that there are going to be flash fowards now.

  • Jack’s references to his dad don’t prove that he is still alive.  My impression was that the other doctor did think that Jack was delusional from the get go.  He noticed that everything about Jack was odd and indicative of mental instability and/or drug/alcohol use.

    Based on Kate’s reaction, the lack of other mourners, and Jack’s desire to see him, I agree that it was Locke in the box at the viewing.  Jack finally coming to realize that he’s an idiot (and always is) and that Locke was right.

    But it is interesting that, on the Island at least, it appears that Locke can’t be killed (at least in any usual ways), just as Mikhail has overcome certain death twice now.

    So, who is Naomi after all?  If not connected to Penny, it still makes sense that she is connected to daddy Widmore and his empire, who/which is probably connected to Hanso and Dharma, which is why Ben would think them as being the bad guys.  And how is it that Penny was just ready and waiting to be on the other end of the video-phone, at the right radio frequency, when Charlie entered the code?

    Interesting that, at least some of the survivors, have finally taken a “take no prisoners” approach.  Tom may have surrendered, but based on past events, Sawyer was right to say that he didn’t believe it.  Keeping Ben alive is certain to turn around and bite Jack in the butt once again. In any event, I don’t see the Others/Hostiles/Original Inhabitants being all that eager to take back Ben as their leader.

    As for being accused of “jumping the shark,” I don’t see that accusation arising from what we saw.  So, maybe what we saw isn’t really what happened.  I can see a “jumping the shark” accusation out of an outlandish Pam Ewing dream scenario, and I trust that it is not that.

  • About Charlie being the savior—don’t forget that in one of his visions, we saw his mum and others say that Charlie was going to save them all.  So, his being the savior was foreseen.

  • I’ve had this crazy idea all along, almost from the beginning, that’s Jack’s dad would somehow be involved in the events of the island, and lately I can’t shake the thought that he might be Jacob. There are problems with that, I know, but there it is.

    I think the idea that Locke is in the box is still the best answer, but the points about Michael are interesting. I expect him to figure into future seasons somehow. After all, if I was Jack or Sawyer and got back home, Michael would be on my “to do” list.

  • Go re-watch “Fire and Water” or read the transcript, where Charlie has a vision of receiving a piano as a boy at Christmas, and his mother and brother telling him repeatedly that he is going to save them all—but most of all he is implored to save Aaron—and it is inferred that he will do so with music (which we now know is Good Vibrations).

    “Someday you’re going to get us out of here, all of us. Now, go on, play us a tune.”  Later, he has a vision of playing the piano in the surf and is washed out to sea.

  • OK, I had forgotten this from season one’s “White Rabbit,” but Charlies sees a woman drowning in the water and he runs to tell Jack saying “I don’t swim.”

    Huh??? He doesn’t swim?  Maybe he was just being cowardly, but if what he was saying then was true, then has his past somehow been altered by certain events, such as Desmond saving him, so that now he can swim?

  • Huge Lost fan as well.  Though Charlie could have saved himself, he sacrificed himself willingly to fullfill Desmond’s vision. Don’t forget Charlie had to drown so Claire could leave in a helicoptor.  As far as Charlie crossing himself backwards, it could be a ploy by the producers.  They sometimes intentionally “flip” the scene as a clue to the show (time holes/travel are part of the plot).  This could have been a clue; don’t forget the name of the show was “Through the Looking Glass.”

    The name of the funeral home was an anagram for “Flash Forward”.  cute. I love Desmond and Penelope as it reminds me of The Odyssey.  True love never gives up hope.

    Lastly, it very well could be Michael in the coffin.  Some Lost website has shown the actual obituary clipping and it says that John Lantham killed himself and is survived by a teenage son.  John Lantham was an alias Michael used.  Whew!  That’s it; can’t wait til next year!