The fifth column in the chancery

The fifth column in the chancery

A few days ago I mentioned that the director of the Boston archdiocese’s office for child protection, the man most responsible for Talking about Touching being foisted on parishes and schools, is an invited speaker at Voice of the Faithful’s New England conference next week. Well, he’s not alone.

Bill Dittrich, director of the Boston archdiocese Institute for Ministry, is also an invited speaker. He’s also a member of VOTF’s Structural Change Working Group. Now isn’t it strange that the archdiocesan official responsible for adult formation and education is a leader in a group that has been banned from forming new chapters on church property? (Although, old groups are allowed on church property; that’s an inconsistency that has to be dealt with one of these days.)

The Structural Change Working Group is especially problematic since it takes as its premise that the Church’s form�apostles/bishops, priests, laity�needs to be changed. In the early days, VOTF was quite upfront about its agenda of instituting elections of bishops and pastors and even setting up the Church under a constitutional government modeled on the US Constitution, but when the cries of heterodoxy crew too loud, they decided that they should be more discreet and hide the real agenda under a more generalized term of “structural change.”

So what should we do? For one thing we need to register our dismay about Dittrich’s and Rizzuto’s involvement with the archdiocese. We could send letters to the archdiocesan newspaper, The Pilot, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or we could call the chancery and let Archbishop Sean O’Malley know directly. It’s up to you.