Small world

Small world


Talk about your small world. I just found out today that a fellow on Twitter who follows me is the son of good friend from church. The guy, Marc, starting following me a few weeks ago. He and his wife live in Salem and he’s a web developer, so I decided to follow him back as it’s nice to get to know new people. Today, he put up a link to photos of his one-year-old daughter at her birthday being held by his dad. So I click on the link—I’m a sucker for baby daughter photos—and, lo and behold, his dad is my friend Paul and then I see his wife, my friend Kris. (Who also reads this blog; Hi Kris!) What are the odds?

Melanie talks about similar small-world encounters, like her friend Betsy who is also a reader of my blog who suddenly, one day, realized that the Melanie I was talking about marrying was her friend Melanie.

It’s funny that I seem to have these types of encounters a lot. It really is a small world.

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  • My mother says “see, you never know who you’re talking to.” I suppose if you want to look at in a scary light, it is proscription for gossip. But in a not so foreboding setting, somehow it let’s you know we are not alone, even when we think we are.