Security scare for Pope

Security scare for Pope

Vatican security had a bit of a scare today. A man in the crowd at the Pope’s general audience today tried to jump into the popemobile as it passed by. He was immediately subdued by guards.

There was no evidence that the man intended to harm the Pope. Father Federico Lombardi, the director of the Vatican press office, later told reporters that the man seemed motivated by a desire for publicity.

I’m sure the rest of the guys in prison will just love their famous new cellmate. Dumb.

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  • Nope, Dom, he’s been taken to a psych facility. The Vatican reports that that’s the end of the story as far as their concerned, I read.
    It was wonderful how Pope Benedict paid no attention to that scene behind him! God is awesome!!

  • Didn’t it look like it was between the guy and the security officer in uniform?  If you look at the video the security officer seems to be addressing the guy and or someone in the area right before the guy leaps.  Was he leaping on the security officer or was he trying to leap on to the Holy Father’s vehicle?

  • In that second video, it really looks as if the jumper is struggling TOWARD the Pope…I’m not trivializing this Dom, I am just amazed at Pope Benedict’s serenity throughout. If he was aware of the commotion, and he’s aware of the risk and all the trouble caused to the guards, he must consider it very important right now to show the people that he is free and unafraid. We continue to pray…