Resolution for Boston Holy Trinity Parish?

Resolution for Boston Holy Trinity Parish?

Looks like the lingering case of Holy Trinity Church in the South End of Boston, the archdiocese’s only official Tridentine Mass parish, will advance, if not be resolved this week. Holy Trinity was on the list of parishes slated to be closed or merged in the massive reconfiguration of the archdiocese, a decision that angered many because they thought the Tridentine Mass community was not taken into account in the closing decision, that they were being forced into less-than-satisfactory conditions at the new parish, and that there were lingering questions over the fiscal responsibility of the previous parish administrator.

Now news has circled that a representative of the Archdiocese, Fr. Mark O’Connell, has scheduled a meeting at the parish for November 26 because “on behalf of the Cardinal, he would like to speak to us about the future of Holy Trinity Parish.” For those who are interested, that’s this Sunday, 1:30 pm in the St. Joseph Chapel.

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  • My thoughts and prayers are with Holy Trinity’s parishioners. They have fought the good fight for a long time and they are the keepers of Catholic tradition in the Archdiocese of Boston. I hope and pray that the Archdiocese can see fit to keep our one traditional parish open.