Reaching high

Continuing his recent string of unprecedented access to the media, Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston gives an interview to the Boston Globe. I’ll give him credit for being proactive with the media. I’ve been telling everyone I could get my hands on in this archdiocese that the Church should stop simply reacting to stories, but when it sees something happening that will likely be in the media, to be the first one out of the gate on it, to frame the story as it forms. Maybe they’re finally getting that idea.

Among his remarks he said he has an expansive view of who is Catholic in the archdiocese, including those who only return to Church on big holidays like Easter and Christmas. Certainly that’s not at odds with the Church’s teaching. Failing your Sunday obligation may be a mortal sin, but it doesn’t make you not a Catholic.

He also said that there is a big evangelization push planned for 2008 to coincide with the archdiocese’s bicentennial (finally, evangelization!) and acknowledged that dissent is a big problem. (Ya think?)

Plenty of tidbits in the transcript

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Domenico Bettinelli