Re-Indoctrination with Your Vogue: The Liberal Agenda in Your Fashion Magazine

Re-Indoctrination with Your Vogue: The Liberal Agenda in Your Fashion Magazine


“But this is how the left wins.  This is how they do it.  They use Photoshopped pictures and their puppets in fashion magazines to craft a narrative that they weave into the fabric of America’s mainstream culture - it’s all done very methodically and with great calculation in preparation for the next big election.  And the lemmings eat it up like candy.” [1]

The quote is part of a post on the fawning profile of Texas pro-abortion politician Wendy Davis in the latest issue of Vogue magazine, which is full of the type of vapid details–makeup, clothes, etc.– that should make feminists cringe, but somehow it’s okay in this case. And of course it’s used to advance the once-unknown Davis as a viable liberal candidate for Texas governor. This is the standard MO for the mainstream media. This is how they got homosexuality and same-sex marriage mainstream after all.

Everybody loves Ellen DeGeneres, right? She’s funny and cute. And then there are those funny guys on Will & Grace. And every season of every hit reality show has at least one or more sympathetic gay characters for us to root for. There are magazing profiles and Arts & Lifestyle pieces in newspapers. And on and on. After all this indoctrination and constant exposure and beating over the head with gay people everywhere in the media, it turns out that most US adults estimate that the percentage of homosexuals in the country is 25%. After all they are everywhere and integrated into every strata of society. That’s what my TV says, anyway.

Try less than 4% of the population in the most generous estimation.

Likewise, 10 years ago gay marriage was seen as a political longshot. Everywhere it was voted on in a popular referendum, it lost by decent margins. It took activist courts to overcome that resistance. But after a decade of propaganda and social engineering, it’s now accepted in most quarters that if you’re opposed to gay marriage, then you’re going to go down on the wrong side of history alongside all those who opposed interracial marriage. We even have government officials proposing “re-education” for those who do not embrace the new marriage reality. And now those big popular margins opposing gay marriage have all but disappeared and a slim majority are in favor of the idea. All thanks to the relentless leftist propaganda machine that constitutes the popular media.

It’s also how Barack Obama got elected. In 2004, he was a nobody politician from Illinois. Just four years later he was president of the United States. How did this happen? Because a narrative was constructed, a political campaign not just by the news media, but by the entertainment media, the fashion media, every kind of media. Unfortunately for the left, what they didn’t count on was that more than a leftist, Barack Obama is just power hungry and so when it became inconvenient or difficult to stick to his liberal campaign promises, he abandons them in favor of what’s best for him and his cronies.

What can we do? For one thing, we can stop patronizing the worst of these biased media. Second, when we see it, we can point it out to everyone we’re connected with online in social media. Third, we can use the new media to spread the word that the big media won’t and to provide a counter-narrative. It might not completely reverse the trend, but maybe we can slow them down.

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