Rapid annulments?

Rapid annulments?

You may have seen an Associated Press report on various news web sites (or will see it in the newspaper tomorrow) that Pope Benedict called for “rapid” annulment processes as he spoke to the Roman Rota. Considering everything this Pope and his predecessor have said about marriage annulments, does that sound in character to you?

I won’t have a translated text of the speech until Monday, but Alejandro Bermudez has a quick translation from the Italian and he says it just doesn’t say that. What did the AP reporter hear that makes him think the Pope called for “rapid” annulments?

But the thing is this: there is not even one word about the need to make the annulment decisions “rapid.”

Not only that, to make them “rapid” is completely inconsistent with the core of the Pope’s message to the members of the Rota.

Was it deliberate or unintentional by the AP reporter? At best, it was extremely careless.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli