Queer studies at a Catholic university

Queer studies at a Catholic university

Maybe they’re going to study all the celibate and very valuable gay priests. The largest Catholic university in the US, DePaul University, now offers a minor in gay studies. To be more accurate, it’s “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Queer Studies”. Paging, Cardinal George! Here’s another problem you need to deal with.

Despite the Church’s teaching that homosexuality is intrinsically disordered and that homosexual activity is intrinsically evil, this is apparently going forward without a peep. The DePaul administration is not stupid. They know what they’re doing, that this is a violation of the sacred duty of a Catholic university. They are spitting in the Church’s face, in Christ’s face, and daring the Church’s shepherds to do something about it. What are they going to do?This is Cardinal George’s responsibility. Will he do his duty?

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