Did you expect a Catholic college to stand up?

Did you expect a Catholic college to stand up?

Here’s the story: An instructor at a Catholic university restricts the free speech of a student because he defends the Catholic teaching on marriage between a man and a woman. A tenured professor defends the student and he is censured by the school and told he must deliver an apology before he can return to teaching. Meanwhile the university says it wasn’t the instructors view on marriage that resulted in the suspension and possible termination of the professor:

When Marquette moved to fire McAdams last year, it said that he has been unprofessional in publicly criticizing Abbate — and doing so in a way that Marquette and Abbate said had distorted what happened in class that day. It was his unprofessionalism and mistreatment of a graduate student, not his views, that led the university to suspend and investigate McAdams, officials said.

So the instructor says she wasn’t trying to censor the student for his views, but to keep classroom discussion on track. Still, can you imagine if the situation were reversed that the Jesuit Marquette would suspend a professor over his criticism of an instructor who shut down conversation by a student in favor of gay marriage?

I can’t either.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli