Project Sycamore

Project Sycamore

A new group of University of Notre Dame alumni, faculty, and friends has formed and is calling themselves Project Sycamore.  According to their web site, their purpose is ...

... to provide a source of information, a means of communication, and a collective voice to Notre Dame alumni and others in the Notre Dame family who are concerned about preserving the Catholic identity of the University.

The impetus for their formation was the decision by the president, Fr. Jenkins, to ban the VMonologues from campus and then the reversal of that decision. But they say that they’re also concerned about the increasing secularization of the faculty as evidenced by the decreasing number who are Catholic.

There is a whole lot more information at the web site and if you’re a Notre Dame alumnus, student, faculty, or just fan, go check it out.

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  • Carrie: I clearly said these aren’t just students. It is alumni, faculy, and friends of the university. I think that lends the effort more weight and credibility. No offense to students, but alumni control the purse strings.