Pope tells youth not squander youth; while dinosaurs curse the light

Pope tells youth not squander youth; while dinosaurs curse the light

Pope Benedict told the Brazilian youth at a massive gathering last night that

And a roundup of his activities on Thursday, including the presentation of a Brazilian postage stamp commemorating his visit and meetings with leaders of other religious groups.

Meanwhile, the dissidents are riding the Pope’s coattails, using the publicity to get their message out:

In related news, in an interview with the Italian television channel La7, the prominent liberation theologian Leonardo Boff stated: “Liberation theology exists and is winning. Even if it is not visible as before, its theories are the common patrimony of the Church in Latin America.”

Boff, a former Franciscan priest whose writings have drawn warnings from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, went on to say: “Benedict XVI is a difficult Pope to love, if we see him from the point of view of divorced people, homosexuals, and minorities who want a more flexible liturgy of the Church. I respect him as a great intellectual, but here in Brazil, he will have to keep his eyes open to the reality.”

Yes, Pope Benedict is so difficult to love that 200,000 young people showed up at a stadium in Sao Paulo on Thursday to hear him speak and to pray with him. So difficult to love that his weekly general audiences and Sunday Angelus greetings are attracting record crowds, even more than his predecessor of sainted memory.

The real dinosaurs are Boff and his ilk, cursing the light that would free them from their darkness.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli