Pope puts limits on audiences for political leaders

Pope puts limits on audiences for political leaders

Pope Benedict continues to show that his will be a different kind of pontificate. The latest example comes in the news that he is sharply limiting the number of visits with political leaders.

Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) has announced that he plans to cut down sharply on the number of private audiences he holds with political leaders, meeting only with heads of state and heads of government.

The Italian news agency ANSA has reported that a mailing to apostolic nuncios, sent out late in April, set out new procedures to be followed by politicians seeking to meet with the Pope.

It’s not that John Paul was wrong for holding such audiences, but that Benedict has different priorities. I think we’re going to see him less active in general political areas and more active with regard to governance of the Church and in areas where the life of the Church intersects with the state, e.g. religious freedom in China.

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