Pax Christi and the dhimmis

Pax Christi and the dhimmis

Leave it to the liberal social-justice crowd. Pope Benedict quotes a 14th-century Byzantine emperor while making a point about Muslims using religion to justify violence, Muslims explode in rage and violence at the Pope, and Catholic liberals side with the poor misunderstood Muslims. And it just smells of patronizing white liberal guilt: How could the poor dears help themselves when confronted by the big, bad white Europeans? Nice of them to take up dhimmitude so willingly.

Pax Christi has announced that in response to Pope Benedict’s remark and in solidarity with Muslims its members will join in the Ramadan fast that began this past weekend and will continue for a month. Gee, what a great idea. Will the Muslims reciprocate and in response to 9/11 join in our Lenten fast next year? No?

Of course, the head of Pax Christi won’t come right out and criticize the Pope, but he will allude to it.

The statements by Pope Benedict last week included a reference to an ancient characterization of Islam that I personally find very regrettable. But it is not my role here today to interpret the Pontiff’s statements, nor to illuminate the mindset or motivations behind that choice of reference.

Did you catch the implication? He’s not even giving the Pope the benefit of the doubt. Instead he implies that some “mindset” motivated the Pope, something beyond the plain sense of the Pope’s speech.

Well, I’m sure the folks at Pax Christi will be very happy as dhimmis when the Caliphate is eventually founded in the West. Their overlords will be sure to treat them very nice.

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