Parish closes, sit-in averted, hyperbole spoken

Parish closes, sit-in averted, hyperbole spoken

A couple more Boston-area parishes, long on the list of closure, had their last Masses this past weekend, and the archdiocese is finally taking steps to prevent these ridiculous sit-ins. St. Michael’s parish in Lynn closed this past weekend, and even after receiving an extension on their closing so that they could celebrate their centennial, there were some protesters who wanted to start a sit-in. But they didn’t get far.

The protesters said they were prevented from bringing in “food, water, or medications.” Medications? Did they search their pockets for prescription bottles? What kind of medications would they be bringing in bulk?

What happened is that the last Mass was celebrated at 11 am, and about three-dozen people stayed in the pews in a prayer protest. But they only lasted three hours because the lights and air conditioning were shut off and no one was allowed to enter. The archdiocese was accused of using “draconian tactics.”

“The tactics are too difficult to overcome,” said Irene Cieniewicz, a lifelong worshiper. “It’s really sad. It’s heartbreaking.” ... “They’ve used forms of intimidation,” she said. “Father would come over and put his arm around somebody and walk slowly to the door and before you know it they were outside the church.”

My Lord, such draconian tactics, such intimidation! Why they’re no better than stormtroopers! Putting his arm around someone? Talking to them personally? Walking them to the door? How can such obvious violations of human rights be allowed?

Mainly outsiders; most parishioners cooperating

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  • “First, if the archdiocese was planning on closing St. Michael’s “as quickly as possible,” then why did they wait two years to close it and even gave them an extension to celebrate their centennial?”

    Well there is an agenda/image the VOTF needs to promote for fundraising.

    “And if Ashcraft thinks turning off the lights and turning off the AC extreme (this isn’t the desert Southwest after all), then he doesn’t know what extreme is.”

    Geez…what did mankind do before AC?