One year

One year

Of course, I couldn’t let today pass without mentioning that it is the anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s election. (I received the official order to Catholic bloggers on that this morning.)

I remember standing in my office/bedroom watching the TV, so excited and nervous I couldn’t sit down. I was on the phone with Melanie relating the events to her as they were happening. (I don’t remember where she was but it was away from a TV.) When Cardinal Medina came out on the loggia and in his Latin announcement paused and said, “Josephum,” I started jumping up and down. Then I stopped for a second and asked myself, “Wait, are there any other cardinals named Joseph?” But by then the announcement was finished.

And you know what? As happy as I was on that day, I’m happier even still today because I have gotten to know this Holy Father so much better and appreciate him for who he is, not who everybody expected him to be. I look forward to many more anniversaries.

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Domenico Bettinelli