Now that Terri’s out of the way..

Now that Terri’s out of the way..

Michael Schiavo has remarried after successfully having his wife Terri killed through judicial order… and in a Catholic church no less!

Schiavo has been living with this woman for years, long before Terri was killed and has several children by her. This was one of the reasons that Terri’s family put forth in their fight to have Michael removed as Terri’s legal guardian. He had a conflict of interest, namely that it was in his best interest for Terri to die so he could remarry, without having to give up any of the legal settlement money won on her behalf for alleged malpractice.

Meanwhile, Ed Peters looks at the canon law aspects of this marriage and wonders if the diocese of St. Petersburg did due diligence in the matter.

In light of the above, I believe the following questions warrant careful investigation:

A) was a Schiavo-Centonze wedding attempted under color of Catholic canon law; if so,
B) did the pastor of the place or his delegate first verify that “nothing stands in the way of a valid and licit [wedding] celebration” (1983 CIC 1066); specifically,
C) was the impediment of crimen incurred by Michael Schiavo; and, if so,
D) was a dispensation from the impediment sought and duly granted?

It’s very disturbing that Bishop Robert Lynch, who was so evidently absent in advocacy on behalf of Terri, would remain silent on this matter. What exactly does he think his office as apostle and shepherd requires him to do? The eyes of the entire nation and the world are looking at his diocese regarding these very difficult questions that face our culture and his response is ... nothing?

Update: Fr. Rob Johansen provides his view of this marriage and adds that it is probable that the priest had no choice but to allow the marriage because of the demands of canon law which require strict interpretation and nearly ironclad proof that the marriage is invalid. I’m not sure the proof isn’t right there in the daily media coverage of Terri’s plight, but then I’m no canon lawyer. I do know that Bishop Lynch should be doing more to prevent this clear mockery of the sanctity of life and of marriage. So what is he doing?

Update 2: Ed Peters responds to Fr. Rob’s objection (I think; again I’m not a canon lawyer) in an update to his original post.

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  • Comment read on AMDG re: same subject –
    “The bride was lovely and carried a bouquet of hemlock, mandrake and nightshade. Father Judge George Greer officiated and declared the couple to be in a persistent pathological state. Dr. Jack Kevorkian was on hand to “assist” some of the older guests. Best man George Felos attempted to toast the newlyweds but no one would sip from their glass. The couple will honeymoon in Death Valley.”

  • I find it incredible that the likes of Michael and Jodi ( shudder ) who publicly committed sins that defy every Christian law would find it necessary to be wed in The Church. ????????????

  • I saw Fr. Frank Pavone this weekend at the American Collegian’s for Life Conference.  He talked about the fact that Terri could laugh at jokes, return a kiss, or close her eyes when he prayed with her, opening them again as soon as he said, “Amen.”  She was very much alive, no matter what the media said.