New progressivists, same as the old progressivists

New progressivists, same as the old progressivists

A Jesuit priest has abandoned the faith (insert joke: “So what’s new?”) and is setting up a new church in Toledo, Ohio, for “people disenfranchised by the Roman Catholic Church.” Operating under the auspices of the “progressive” and schismatic Reformed Catholic Church, the new parish will strike out in new daring directions by becoming indistinguishable from most Episcopalian churches today, ordaining women, blessing homosexuality and gay marriages, allowing divorce and re-marriage, so on and et cetera.

Yawn, same baloney, different day. I’d be worried if I wasn’t positive that this Piskie Junior(TM) clone wouldn’t end up as barren and empty as Bishopess Katharine Jeffrts-Schori’s church will be after the Anglican Communion abandons them and they chase off all the practicing Christians into communion with African and Asian dioceses.

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