New pastors for troubled parish

New pastors for troubled parish

More news from last week: The co-pastor at Our Lady Help of Christians in Newton was announced and it is indeed Fr. John Sassani, as reported in Globe reporter Michael Paulson’s blog and Fr. Joseph Keil, as mentioned in the comments on this entry.

Fr. Walter Cuenin is strutting around in this article like he won something.

The Rev. Walter H. Cuenin, who resigned from Our Lady’s after alleged mismanagement of parish finances, said the archdiocese’s move [assigning Fr. Chris Coyne as pastor] was especially shocking since Our Lady’s was the “parish par excellence that stood up to the cardinal” during that era.

“I told the archbishop directly to his face that Chris Coyne is not the right appointment,” Cuenin said. “He’s a fine man, and he can be a pastor anyplace. But not to Our Lady’s.” Cuenin, now a chaplain at Brandeis University, blamed the archdiocese for Coyne’s appointment, calling it a “major act of violence to the parish.”

Blah, blah, “act of violence,” blah, blah. Everything is an act of violence to some people, including disagreeing with them.

So, Cuenin, how is that schism coming along?

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Domenico Bettinelli